TNT Color Lab Editor's Picks
Curated Set #3 - Make Your Own Rules


TNT Color Lab is all for creating a new aesthetic & this pack allows for your creativity to take control.

This mini palette of lip colors is inspired from the chalky unexpected hues seen on the runways. Chosen for their ability to stand alone as well as mix with each other, we've included 3 lip pigments from 3CE: 1 Pink, 1 Yellow, and 1 pure White1 compact lip brush, and 1 3CE zip mesh pouch to get you started.

Some fun combinations to consider, but the possibilities with the lip pigment are as infinite as your current mood.

  • Equal parts Pink + Yellow = Sherbert Orange
  • Pink + dab of yellow = Summer Coral
  • Pink + White = Shell Pink
  • Yellow + White = Yellow Meringue
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