TNT Color Lab Editor's Picks
Curated Set #4 - Get that Glow


We at TNT Color Lab are obsssssessssed with glowing skin, and created a set for those of you sun-worshippers out there (we know you're out there) who want to keep that summer glow, but maybe give your skin a much-needed break from those UV rays. Your skin will thank you.

This curated set includes a set of 3CE products: 1 Honey Water Mist spray to keep your skin looking & feeling hydrated, 1 Shimmer Stick for sunless summery shimmer (use it anywhere you would use a highlighter), and 1 Face Glow which will add that touch of bronze-y glow...all sans sun!

Also included is a medium-size 3CE mesh pouch to hold this kit together, but also makes a great all-purpose makeup bag.


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